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Pixelated Zen Presents: Nostalgialess Episode 2 + Addendum.

Here is the second episode of Nostalgialess, taking a look at The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin for the Sega Genesis. This isn’t the best thing I’ve done, and I’ve got some newer videos that I am MUCH prouder of. Still, I want to document my growth, and give you all something to watch while I do it.

And attached is the addendum, The Amazing Spider-Man vs. Kingpin for the Master System.


Pixelated Zen Presents: Nostalgialess Episode 1

The first official episode of Nostalgialess is out: The Amazing Spider-Man for the Gameboy. Check it out below and let me know what you think.


Pixelated Zen Presents: Nostalgialess

The trailer is here for my new show, Nostalgialess. The idea is that I am starting to play a ton of older classic games that I never played when I was younger, and I would like to give my honest opinions on how they are to a current gamer. Check out the trailer below:


Pixelated Zen Plays Skyrim Episode 3

The third episode in our Skyrim Let’s Play, there have been some changes in character since the first death, let’s see how long we can make it as a vampire.


Pixelated Zen Plays DCUO Episode 8

This is the 8th episode of our DCUO Let’ Play. Today we check out the Hive Base, and then we head to Gotham for a bit.


Pixelated Zen Plays Gotham City Impostors Episode 2

This is just a quick Team Deathmatch in the game Gotham City Impostors.


Pixelated Zen Plays X-Com: Enemy Unknown 001

This is the first of my X-Com:Enemy Unknown Let’s Plays. This is a Classic Difficulty, Ironman Mode, Second Wave game, so it should be pretty brutal and fun.



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